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Big congrats to Dawn and Julia, both of whom took GOLD in their weight class at eh South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club Powerlifting Meet.

If your wrists hurt when you squat, then you’re setting up wrong.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! Remember this is the day we won faced extermination from those pesky aliens and kicked their ass! As a great president said

“We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a fight!

We’re going to live on!

We’re going to survive!”

Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!

Independence Day

And what better way to start off America’s Birthday we an all time classic FIGHT GONE BAD!! Congratulations to everyone who came and completed this workout. It is not an easy workout and for those of you who came in and finished it have fun today and remember you earned that extra beer, or two, or three or that 12 pack that Ryan will probably be finishing within the hour. Today we held two classes and if you can’t tell by the picture we had a great time and as you can see from Ryan and Dowd got a nice pump.

July 4 730AM July 4 930AM

Fight Gone Bad is one of the Fire Breather T-shirt challenges and it is not an easy one. However, we had several members step up to the plate and kicked its ass. Congratulation to Lindsay Licata and Cristina Pruzan from the 7:30AM class this morning for getting their first check towards the T-shirt and congrats to Ryan, the Irish Big Dog( yeah those muscles aren’t just for show), McKenna, Dawn Dinozzi and Sean, have you seen my beachball, Bennett, yes i finished it but was forced to put myself in here by Ryan and Dawn so now I just look like an egotistical asshole, during the 9:30AM.

Cristina + Lindsay FGB ChallengeRyan+Dawn FGB Challenge

Also congrats to Mike Dowd for getting his 3 Unbroken Muscle Ups today. That earns him another check towards the Challenge.

Happy Birthday to Sean Ostrower as well. And yes I witnessed him do his Birthday Burpees!! Rock On Sean!!!

Sean O Rock On

Happy Fourth again everyone and remember thank a veteran today!!!!!! This is Ryan, Sean and Dawn out. You stay classy Limitless because someone has to.



Since the Fire Breather Challenge was thrown down we have seen some amazing performances with many people getting not only their first check towards the t-shirt but several with in the last week. Keep it up everyone I am excited to see everyone conquer these challenges one by one and complete the challenge. Remember though that this is a challenge and you will need to push yourself to complete but don’t worry we the coaches are here to support you as well as everyone in the gym. If you see someone going for a check mark towards the challenge show them some love and cheer them on as they go for it. Every check is an amazing accomplishment on your part. Now on to the fun part. With everyone throwing down we have had many people complete some of the challenges that I would like to congratulate.

First, this past Saturday Mike Dowd clean and jerked 205lbs to get another check towards the challenge.

Now onto today where we have had numerous participates get checks towards the challenge. This morning Ryan Pearsall was able to complete 3 Unbroken Muscle Ups to receive his first check towards the pesky T-shirt.

Rob Basso was not only able to receive his first check towards the t-shirt with 3 Unbroken Muscle Ups but was also able to get another check in the same class by Cleaning and Jerking 200lbs. Now Rob was a little hesitant in going for the Clean and Jerk but like the saying goes you have to risk it to get the biscuit.

Sean O. was able to receive his third check towards the t-shirt today as well by also cleaning and jerking 200lbs.

Now for those of you wondering what it looks like when you finally complete the Fire Breather challenge here is a little foreshadowing of what you are going to look like.

Bennett T-Shirt Checklist

Bennett T-Shirt

Bennett Fire Breather

I expect many of you to look as happy if not happier when you achieve the Fire Breather Shirt and believe me you will. With hard work and the right attitude I believe that many of you will eventually be able to proudly say that you are a FIRE BREATHER!!!!!!!!!!

Today someone else took on the Fire Breather challenge and collected there first check towards it. Mike “White Irish” Dowd went head to head with the dreaded box jump. Mike was able to power through the ground and so elegantly land up on a box that was 48 inches in height. For those of you who don’t know 48 inches is equivalent to 4 feet in height.

Now that is impressive. Congrats Mike on your first check!!!!!!!!!!

I want to also throw out a congrats to Sean Ostrower for completing his second check today by completing the mile in a time of 6:09.