Everyone here was once intimidated by CrossFit training. No one wants to get hurt or be embarrassed.

We developed the free trial to allow you to try CrossFit in a safe controlled environment.

During your free trial you'll experience CrossFit under the supervision of our coaches.

The workout itself was designed so that anyone (men & women ages 14-100+) could come in, have a good time, and be physically challenged. More importantly, your trial gives your coach the opportunity to evaluate your current level of fitness, so we can determine the best place for you to start.

We have 3 different entry levels...

Beginner - World's Best Boot Camp Central Long Island is perfect for the person with little or no exercise experience. The focus is on body weight movements, learning how to make good eating decisions, and having lots of fun. By the end of the 6 week program you'll be leaner, stronger, have lots more energy, and a ton of new best friends. Learn more

Intermediate - Our Basics program is for athletes who demonstrate a reasonable level of fitness. You'll focus on proper movement and mechanics while increasing your overall conditioning through general conditioning and basic strength/body weight training.

Advanced - CrossFit is our most advanced class. IT consists of very demanding workouts designed to push athletes past their limits. Extensive strength training and conditioning, body weight mastery, and proper recovery methods are all huge components of this program. All athletes are required to complete Elements, our 3 day CrossFit primer, prior to starting CrossFit classes. Our coaches have trained over 500 athletes. We will help you reach your goals, but you have to take the first step.



Enter your information below. A staff member will contact you to set up your free trial.


You'll be safe. You'll have fun. You'll be hooked.